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Carpeting ranges from practical to luxurious

Carpet flooring helps create a homey look, and it feels warm and comfy underfoot. Styles range from formal to casual, and colors are available to match any decor. It’s always appropriate for children’s playrooms and bedrooms. Many people consider it to be the go-to flooring choice for living, dining, and family rooms as well as dens and home offices. There is an ideal fiber for every application. Locally owned and operated The Floor Store has a large selection of each type of carpeting in our showroom in Wixom, Michigan.


You can measure a carpet’s long-term performance by noting its TPI, or turn per inch, number. The higher the number, the better the carpet.Thefibers are twisted around each other 6 times if the TPI is 6. In general, fibers have a TPI from 3.5 to 6.0. Top-of the-line carpet, ideal for bedrooms, is made of wool. Triexta is a relatively new synthetic fiber that is notable for its durability and stain resistance. Four more synthetic fibers are used to produce carpeting:

  • Nylon - most common fiber; tolerates heavy furniture; ideal for daily living spaces
  • Olefin - not as soft as nylon; moisture/mildew resistant; often used in basements
  • Polyester - comes in vibrant colors; thick textures feel luxurious; best for low traffic areas
  • Acrylic - look and feel of wool at a lower cost; great for spare bedrooms


Pile varies among carpet designs. When you compare piles, you look at both the length and thickness of the fibers. Loop pile, often called Berber loop, is created when fibers are bent in a loop and bound to their backing. The loop can be cut at the tip of the fiber to create several types of cut pile. Saxony, with its straight fibers and even finish, is the most popular. Plush is like Saxony. Its fibers are shorter, and it has a formal look and velvety feel. Frieze has a comfortable and casual look created by extra fiber twists. Textured carpet floors, typically found in bedrooms, family rooms, and dens, have fibers with uneven lengths that create a full surface.

The Floor Store serves Commerce, Wixom, Walled Lake, White Lake, and Novi, Michigan. In addition to our showroom in Wixom, we have a mobile flooring showroom that can come to your home. We offer free in-home estimates and many services including flooring repair. Our design consultants and installation team can help you with all your floor projects. Use our online form to contact us or give us a call.