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Repair slightly damaged flooring, don’t replace it

If you've opted for a new floor, The Floor Store can install it and repair the subfloor, if necessary. If an existing floor needs to be repaired rather than replaced, we can handle that too. We are a family-owned and operated flooring repair service provider. We can repair all types of flooring, including hardwood, carpet, vinyl, and laminate.


You can encounter several problems if you have hardwood floors. You may find small splits or cracks in the surface of the wood. These can be repaired, but the floor may need to be refinished if the cracks are large. Gaps between planks may be due to seasonal expansion and contraction. If the problem is persistent, the floor can be tightened up. If your floor has buckled, or the boards have warped and lifted from the subfloor, the root of the problem needs to be identified. Excess moisture in your home can create several problems that can be fixed.


If your carpet has lumps and bumps, a power stretching tool can stretch the carpet until there is no slack. It is then attached to the tack strip. You may also find that your carpets are damaged around the seams. Wall-to-wall carpeting isn’t just one large piece of carpet. It consists of several pieces of carpet glued together at the seams. The carpet can be repaired by regluing the seams together with a latex adhesive. Other carpet services include:

  • Water damage repair
  • Berber carpet repair
  • Pet damage repair
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Carpet binding

Laminate and vinyl

You don’t have to replace laminate or vinyl flooring because small cuts and scratches mar the surface. Laminate damage can be fixed with putty while vinyl requires fusing the surface with liquid seam sealer or patching in new material. Both laminate boards and vinyl tile can be removed if badly damaged and replaced with a new board or tile. This is the only way to repair water damaged laminate. If a vinyl floor has water damage, it may bubble up. The floor can be repaired with an adhesive.

Our flooring repair service comes in handy for households in Commerce, Wixom, Walled Lake, White Lake, and Novi. The Floor Store has a flooring showroom in Wixom that has a large selection of hardwood, laminate, vinyl, carpet, and more. We offer free in-home estimates, next day installations, and a price match guarantee. We can help you with all your flooring needs. You can visit our showroom, give us a call, or contact us via our online form.